Mariah Carey & Miguel – Beautiful | NEW SINGLE


Mariah is back with a new single! She’s strayed far away from the Hip-Pop sounds of “Triumphant” and “Obsessed” for a more timeless approach, thanks to the production sounds of R&B singer Miguel. Check out Mariah & Miguel’s new single, “Beautiful” below:



Great song! But I have one problem: alot of Miguel and not enough Mariah. It almost sounds like Miguel feat. Mariah, just like her last single “Triumphant” (which sounded like Rick Ross & Meek Mill feat. Mariah). Nonetheless, the song is flawless; but that’s not too surprising as Miguel produced it, and co-wrote it with Mariah. It’s very reminiscent of his Kaleidoscope Dream album, and paired with Mariah’s stint on ‘Idol,’ it should be a surefire top 5 hit. Maybe even a #1 on the Hot 100 if her label plays their cards right.

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