Mateo Announces ‘We’ve Met Before’ Webseries & New EP Due Out in August


He’s been grinding for years. He’s been mentored by and is signed to Krucial Keys. He’s also signed to Interscope. He’s recorded with Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. He’s toured with Keyshia Cole. But still, his buzz isn’t big enough for him to have a big radio hit, or for his label to put out his album. So, Mateo grinds some more. We love that about him. In efforts to help build his digital presence, Mateo has launched the ‘We’ve Met Before’ webisode series, in which a new webisode will be released every Wednesday. He will also be releasing a new EP on August 13th, entitledΒ We’ve Met Before as well. That EP will feature his newest single, “How Good Is Your Love.”

If you’re not familiar with Mateo yet, his music is a blend of alternative and R&B, but more-so R&B. Think Alicia Key’s last few albums, and how the records are R&B, but have a big, atmospheric sound to them, like a Coldplay record. That’s Mateo. Watch his 1st webisode below:


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