Miguel, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj Shine at 2013 Billboard Music Awards | VIDEO


Tonight was one for the books. If you were watching, from the beginning until about the middle, the award show looked like it could potentially be one of the worst showings ever. But oh, was the second half loaded with action. Miguel performed his hit single, “Adorn,” and almost killed an audience with his Leaping TeaBag of Doom, Jennifer Lopez shaked her thick MILF cakes in a tiny, red leather leotard and thigh high red heels, to new single “Live It Up.” Nicki Minaj also stole the show, for a third time within the last hour, with the rebirth of her rap persona. She came on stage looking like a black rapper (black hair, ass on blast, fitted hat) and rapper her single, “High School.” Things then took a turn for the best, as Nicki decided to give her boss and best friend Lil Wayne a crazy lap dance on stage. Check out the 3 highlight performances below:




There were also some other good, but not so great performances. Bruno Mars performed his future smash hit, “Treasure” to the crowd’s liking. Justin Bieber showed off his ever-so-growing love of urban culture, and Chris Brown danced and kung-fued his way through a very pitchy performance of “Fine China.” Check out those 3 performances below:






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