Miguel Releases ‘Coffee (F***ing)’ f/ Wale as Lead Single from ‘Wild Heart’ Album

“Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams. Sweet dreams turn into coffee — fucking — in the morning.”

Miguel is back ladies in the gentlemen. The only true, popular R&B crooner of recent (by that I mean Miguel never tries to rap or b anything he’s not) is back with “Coffee (F***ing)” as his lead single from his upcoming 3rd album, Wild Heart. He released



My only wish is that the use of “coffee in the morning” would have been the ONLY version of this song. “Fucking in the morning” is fine, but it takes away from the cool of the song. We all got the sense that “coffee” was code for something else, and there’s a dope feeling when singers leave certain interpretations open for discussion. The “fucking in the morning” line wasn’t needed at all, especially when you can’t say that on the radio. But, it sounds good either way. Don’t no how this will do on the radio, but Miguel may be ready to be one of those artists that don’t really need the radio. Cannot wait for the Wild Heart album. Miguel never is one to disappoint!

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