Miley Cyrus Talks VMA Backlash, Break-Up with Liam Hemsworth, performs ‘Wrecking Ball’ on ‘Ellen’


Yesterday, Miley Cyrus gave us some insight into the way she thinks and how this year has been a long time coming, on the ‘Ellen’ Show. Chatting with the comedian/host, Miley talked about how she received so much unnecessary backlash for her VMA performance, how she’s used all of her recent tabloid hoopla to hide the details of her called off engagement (which happened around the same time “We Can’t Stop” was released, and how she likes to learn more about inspirational people she hangs around. A GREAT interview that really shows how sane, not insane, Miley actually is. She also performed her #1 hit “Wrecking Ball.” Check out all the action below:


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