Nelly (feat. Nicki Minaj) – Get Like Me (prod. by Pharrell) | MUSIC


He went pop (and country) for awhile, but it seems like Nelly is ready to try and break BACK into the rap game. Backed by a classic sounding Neptunes beat thanks to Pharrell and a hot 16 from Nicki Minaj (who borrows Lil Scrappy’s “shiz-nayee” language for her verse), Nelly glides through the song sing-rapping his way to a catchy ass single. Check it out below:



This feels like 2003 all over again, when Nelly and Pharrell DOMINATED that rap-singing shit. I love this! I was waiting for Nelly to finally start rapping, because I thought the sing-rapping was Pharrell, lol. I forgot what nelly sounded like for a minute. It’s been that long. This has to get Nelly back in rap’s good graces. It HAS to. Nicki killed her verse too, by the way.

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