NEW SINGLE | Alexis Jordan (feat. J. Cole) – Acid Rain


Roc Nation has pop star #3 on the way, and her name is Alexis Jordan. We told you on our 2013 Predictions list that in 2013, she was going to blow up; a star would be born. And now, engines are revving and it’s almost time. Alexis has just released her first single from her sophomore album (1st in the US) and it sounds like her first big smash: Produced by Stargate, written by Sia, the song is an uptempo urban/dance record featuring J. Cole entitled, “Acid Rain.” Check out the song that shits on Rita Ora’s entire 2012, below:



Not quite the urban “Beyonce” sound I wanted from her, but I love the song! And it sounds like it’s one of those that Roc Nation is going to promote until it gets to the top of the charts. I’m ready for Alexis! Are you?

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