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Noah – Airport Bar | VIDEO

About a month ago, during what would normally be a SoundCloud music discovery session, the voice of a familiar childhood memory projected through the speakers. It was a sample of Gene Wilder’s “Pure Imagination”, from the 1971 classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. However, after the brief but perfectly sampled snippet, another voice croons and captivates our attention. It was the voice of L.A. based R&B singer Noah on his latest song “Airport Bar”. The slow-burner captures the true essence of lingering love as Noah paints this  vivid scenario of drowning contemplation at an airport bar.

Today the singer has released his debut video for the soulful and evocative track, and it’s exactly what we imagined. Despite several songs on SoundCloud and active Social Media presence, Noah still remains a mystery to us but we can’t wait to potentially hear a full project soon!

Check out the video for  “Airport Bar” below:

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