Omarion | “Maybach O” Vlog #4 | VIDEO


The 4th installment in Omarion’s “Maybach O” vlog series see the MMG singer dealing with behind the scenes political business. Things like this fans usually don’t get to see, but then they complain about the outcome, not knowing why what happened had to happen. Omarion planned on naming his upcoming album,Β Love and Other Drugs, until his label got wind of FOX releasing a movie 2 years ago of the same name. Therefore, they were skeptical of FOX potentially have O’s album pulled from shelves; so Omarion and his team are going back into the creative studio to come up with more ideas. It’s an interesting look at the behind the scenes of the industry. We may have also gotten a preview of the upcoming single (“Don’t Leave Me Now” possibly?). Check it out below:


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