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Raury Makes TV Debut with “Devil’s Whisper” on ‘Colbert’, Wearing Anti-Trump Mexico Jersey

Raury made one of the biggest political statements of the year last night, as far as musicians go. The young Atlanta native made his television debut is grand fashion: on the new ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ (which is already garnering double the views of ‘Jimmy Kimmel’). The couch guest of the night: Donald Trump. Knowing that, Raury took to the stage in a Mexico soccer jersey; one with Trumps name imprinted and exed out on the back. It was a huge statement that stems from Trumps recent statements degrading Mexicans and other Latin Americans. The crowd roared once Raury turned around and revealed the jersey, and Stephen Colbert himself couldn’t contain his excitement at the end of the performance. Legendary TV debut for the 19-year old.


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