Rihanna Rumored to Release ‘Lost Files’ Album Nov. 25, Featuring Drake, Eminem & Nicki Minaj

So it’s been 2 years since Rihanna last released music with her 7th album Unapologetic. Yes, she has seven albums. Yes, that was 2 years ago. With Rihanna being known for releasing anew album every year, it shocked alot of fans last year when there was no new Rihanna album (we believe it’s because Rihanna knew about what Beyonce had planned before the public knew). There’s been heavy speculation about Rihanna dropping an album this November, using the sam release structure of Jay Z’s MCHG and Kanye’s Yeezus: a short notice release. It’s been confirmed for months that’Today, an allege Rihanna’s been in the studio working on this new album, and today a rumored tracklist emerged online via LatinPost. Whether it’s 100% real or not, we don’t know. LatinPost says to expect a press release on November 4th, with a release date of November 25th.

1. “Bold”
2. “Trouble”
3. “Ain’t No Drama”
4. “Barz” featuring Nicki Minaj
5. “A Drug & A Dream”
6. “All Night”
7. “Lovin, Fallin, Dyin”
8. “Tattered Heart”
9. “Real Talk” featuring Drake
10. “Hall of Flames”
11. “Pray 4 Me” featuring Big Sean
12. “Oceans”
13. “Veins”
14. “Lost Files” featuring Eminem



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