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Ro James: ‘Coke’ EP (Coke, Jack & Cadillacs Vol. 1) | REVIEW


We got wind of Ro James last year through his friendships with Luke James and Bridget Kelly, as well as his writing credit on Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream album. Well now, after months of anticipation and countless spins of his “Creep” cover, we’ve finally been awarded  with music from the alternative/R&B crooner. Ro James has just released ‘Coke’, a 3-song EP, and the first of 3 EP’s to come, that will in whole, make up his debut project, Coke, Jack, & Cadillacs. ‘Coke’ was released yesterday, July 19th. ‘Jack’ will be released on August 19th, and ‘Cadillacs’ will be released on September 19th. All of the release dates coincide with Ro’s Twitter username, RoJamesXIX; a genius move.

The project is made up of a spoken word intro narrated by Bridget Kelly, followed by one of our favorite R&B songs of the last year, “Pledge Allegiance.” “Pledge Allegiance” is an ode to love, to swearing to love, pledging allegiance to it, like you do your country of citizenship. That’s that real love. With honest lyrics like, “I’ll put my right hand over my heart, I promise, I promise that I’ll never break your heart” show you how serious of a ode it is. The project then takes a more alternative, almost country/R&B approach with “Devil’s Cry.” “Devil’s Cry” draws inspiration from Ro’s love of artists like Radiohead and Johnny Cash, showing how eclectic Ro’s sound is and will become in the future. The true gem though, is “A.D.I.D.A.S.”, which stands for “All Day I…Dream About Sexin.” The electric guitar laced slow jam is epic in the sense that, Ro James’ lyrical and vocal prowess intertwines with the production so effortlessly. The song manages to be gritty and sensual at the same time. D’Angelo comes to mind on this record. The EP ends with an amazing guitar solo.

Once this project is released in full in September, we believe this could very well be Ro James’ Nostalgia, ultra, in the sense that this could be a very big debut project; one that is album worthy; one that could spread like wild-fire and get thousands of downloads and Ro thousands of new fans. It’s been a long road thus far for Ro, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s super bright, too.

Listen to the ‘Coke’ EP for yourself below. And make sure you download. You won’t be disappointed.



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    Nina mosley
    July 21, 2013 at 5:40 AM

    Adidas ! Sexy &Beautiful so is he !!

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