Sevyn Streeter Reaches Top 40 on Billboard Hot 100 with ‘It Won’t Stop’ | NEWS


It’s been looking pretty grim for female R&B artists these last few years, when it comes to mainstream success. Nowadays, if you’re not named Beyonce or Alicia Keys, and you aren’t making crossover music, it’s almost impossible for you to do well on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Tamar Braxton’s “Love and War” single reached #1 on iTunes earlier this year; an amazing feat! However; the song peaked at #57 on the Billboard Hot 100. Brandy’s last hit, “Put It Down” only reached #65 on the Hot 100. Ciara’s “Body Party” reached #22 earlier this year, which seemed like a miracle seeing how slow the song is. Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” was the last huge female R&b hit, reaching #17. Same with Miguel’s (on the male side) “Adorn”: it reached #17. 17, not even top 10. Today, Sevyn Streeter, as a new artist, has made a huge stride for female R&B. After just 9 weeks on the chart, her single “It Won’t Stop” has just reached the top 40 (#34).



Adding Chris Brown to the remix of this song was a genius move, because this song has been out since early summer. Once the Chris Brown remix dropped a couple months ago, it ten started to grow. I’m so happy for Sevyn. Not only because she’s the first female R&B artist to achieve such a position in such a long time, but because she has the talent to, in the future, become a huge artist. Not just in a Keri Hilson/Ciara type of way. Sevyn has sustainability. She writes amazing songs, she dances her ass off, and (As of now) she’s aligned with all of the right people. Here’s to hoping “It Won’t Stop” defies all odds and continues it’s ascent to the top. It’d be nice if her and Chris could perform this together on a couple TV shows. Too bad he’s in rehab, though.


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