Skizzy Mars Releases ‘The Red Balloon Project’ EP

Today, upcoming rapper Skizzy Mars dropped his EP ‘The Red Balloon Project’. For those not familiar with Skizzy, Mars is a rapper from Manhattan, signed to Warner Music Group. Some songs remind us of a less depressed Kid Cudi, but other records deliver something even fresher; all quality. It reminds us of hip hop those ’08-’10 years, when Cudi, Drake, J. Cole, Big Sean, B.o.B., Wale all popped. All of their music was quality, all had great songs, great lyrics. They weren’t trend followers, they just made good music. The EP itself is inspire by the 1956 Albert Lamorisse film The Red Balloon. Taking such a film for inspiration goes to show you how smart Skizzy is, and how great he can be. Watch some of Skizzy’s videos below, and then check out his entire EP after that. You’ll definitely find something you’ll like.

My fans. I love you all. Life is just about pursuing what you love. Re-watching The Red Balloon this past summer, Albert Lamorisse’s masterful 1956 short film, after a 5 year hiatus, brought back thoughts of fate, destiny, and self-assurance. Michael Keenan and I worked towards creating a sound that replicated these thoughts, feelings, and vibes. I ended up making a project about life. It always ends up that way. Love, Skizzy



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