Skye Townsend – Pineapple Diet (feat. Micky Munday) | VIDEO


“Up in the sheets getting Facebook liked, left it so dirty, made the maid clean twice….Pineapple diet, is you tryna eat?”

Young singer/actress Skye Townsend is back with a new song, this one entitled, “Pineapple Diet.” If you know the link between pineapples and…the male anatomy, then you can kind of take a guess as to what the meaning of the song is. Clever, Skye, very clever. Listen to the sexy, sensual R&B jam, produced by Drupiano, below:





This is probably the best song Skye has ever released. We love that she’s taking her time with her music career and not rushing into something she’s not 100% proud of like alot of young singers. Once she’s hits it big, the Sky’s the Limit. No pun intended. πŸ™‚

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