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Snoh Aalegra’s ‘Don’t Explain’ is a Cinematic Hip-Hop/Soul Masterpiece | REVIEW

When music can make you envision what it would look like IRL, then the artist has truly done their job. And Snoh Aalegra has done that flawlessly on her second project, Don’t Explain. Released on No I.D.’s ARTium Records, Snoh Aalegra’s Don’t Explain is being described as a mini-album; an appetizer to the coming entree. And if this is just the appetizer, we cannot wait to see what’s in store for the main course.

With the combination of Snoh’s exotic appearance, cool & mysterious aura and soulful music, she’s a perfect fit for the James Bond universe. The blend of hip hop with jazz with soul is a masterful process. Case in point, the live instrumentation on the project’s title track: “Don’t Explain.” “Don’t Explain” uses live instrumentation to blend the worlds of jazz and hip-hop, and the end result is very cinematic.

Cinematic soul is the perfect description of the No I.D.-produced “Under The Influence”, an almost 70’s-sounding slow-burner that you’d imagine hearing in a love scene in a noir crime thriller. The track also has guitar instrumentation from the super talented John Mayer. So what we’re saying is, this track is flaw-free.

“Home” is easily one of our favorites as well, with it’s 90’s hip-hop vibe and instantly impactful lyrics. The quality of the music on this mini-album is so good that it makes you want to buy it in vinyl form. And to me, that’s the ultimate form of flattery in this digital age.

Don’t Explain closes with “Chaos”, a beautifully haunting end note that sees Snoh journey outside of her soul comfort zone into something more alternative. There’s nothing this girl can’t do! We just can’t wait until the rest of the world realizes the exact same thing. And trust us, the day is coming. We hope we get some visuals to go along with these killer songs in the meantime!


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