Sprint Buys 33% Stake in Tidal, Giving Tidal Access to 45M New Subscribers | NEWS

I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.

People always try to count Jay Z out when it comes to business, but he who laughs last laughs the hardest! It was announced today that phone carrier Sprint has bought a 33% stake in Tidal for $200 Million. This means that Tidal, which Jay Z bought for $56 Million is now worth $600 Million.

It was also announced that with this new partnership, 45 Million Sprint users will now have unlimited access to Tidal and it’s artists. Tidal will now have a $75 Million/year Marketing budget, which will allow for exclusive Tidal events and special access into Tidal’s artist owner like never before. “Tidal and its artists will make exclusive content that will only be available to current and new Sprint customers,” the companies noted. Check out the full story via TechCrunch.


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