The Dream (featuring Jay-Z) – High Art | NEW MUSIC


“I make love to my girl. I get high with my n***as.”

The Dream is back with a absolute banger, taken from his upcoming IV Play album, which will be in stores May 28th. The Def Jam executive joins forces with another music mogul to boast about their high life. Must be nice to be able to get turnt up every night, and make money doing so. Anyways, listen to the smash below:




This brings me back to the vibe of Dream’s second album, Love vs. Money. The epic beat, the slow transition at the end, the catchiness, the boss-ness. It’s classic Dream; the Dream I’ve been waiting to hear for a couple years now. And Jay’s verse didn’t disappoint. As per usual. Now, we just need “Turnt” featuring Beyonce and 2 Chainz to surface.

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