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TIAAN – Devil’s Touch | NEW MUSIC

Could female R&B get anymore competitive? It almost feels like there’s a new ‘it’ girl breaking into the music scene each month. In any case, this next artist, based in LA, is definitely deserving of the hype. Born in Sydney, Australia, TIAAN has been hard at work writing songs for her upcoming album, which will be distributed via Swedish record label Artistotracks. Her newest single, titled ‘Devil’s Touch’, is a bouncy R&B jam with warm, flirtatious vocals and a mellifluous melody. Speaking on the track’s inspiration she says, “It’s about, “What if?” Like, that one thing that could change your life forever. It’s about delving into [the thought that] if you were going to do it, maybe your life would be touched by the devil.” 

We like this one a lot and will definitely be keeping an eye on the gorgeous songstress over the coming months. For more from TIANN, you can find her debut EP Dive Deep on Spotify by clicking here.

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