Tinashe Creates A Beat, Records Song In Her Bedroom Studio | VIDEO


Just so you know, she’s mine fellas. I’m claiming her before she gets famous and all you thirsty fiends come after her lol. Anyways, Tinashe is a up-and-coming singer who recently signed with RCA Records and is busy working on perfecting her debut album. You may remember her mixtapes of 2012, the critically acclaimed In Case We Die & the more recent and equally as acclaimed Reverie. Well, in a new vlog, Tinashe is taking us on a tour of the studio that created the music for both mixtapes: her bedroom. Watch below as Tinashe talks about her production process (yes she produces and writes and sings her own shit, and dances, plays instruments and directs videos) and creates a song right before our very eyes.



But yo, did y’all hear those runs at the end? My Gawd! I’m in love…

If you have never heard Tinashe’s music, check out two of her best songs below:


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