Tink Releases Debut Single: ‘Ratchet Commandments’ | NEW MUSIC

Haven’t heard this fresh or innovative of female hip hop since Missy and Eve ran female hip hop. Tink is the truth! (Not to take anything away from Nicki, but Nicki doesn’t try to be fresh and “left”, she follows trends). Tink is spitting real truth on this debut single, “Ratchet Commandments”. This is the type of song everyone needs to hear, and really pay attention to. It’s something that’s light enough for radio, but deep for you to understand after a few listens. And it shows what Tink wants to do with her music; and it’s not just chase fame. Very Kendrick of her. Timbaland really has done a good job with this young lady from the Chi! Listen to “Ratchet Commandments” below.

via Mosley Music/Epic Records 


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