Tori Kelly Stuns ‘Good Morning America’ With Killer Performance of ‘Should’ve Been Us’

Unbreakable SmileΒ is the name of Tori Kelly’s debut album, and it drops in stores tomorrow! We’ve been waiting for this moment, really, since we saw Tori on American Idol in 2010. Simon Cowell hated her voice and called her annoying, but he really missed out on one of the biggest pay days he could’ve ever dreamed of. Why? Because Tori Kelly is about to become a huge global superstar. Her voice is undeniably strong, and takes strong inspiration from the like of Brandy and Christina Aguilera and India Arie. Her sound is the perfect blend of urban-pop with hints of soul. You can definitely tell Tori LOVES music, and isn’t doing everything she does from the heart. And that, you have to admire and respect.

Today, Tori and her acoustic guitar took to the ‘Good Morning America’ stage to perform her new single, “Should’ve Been Us.” And we don’t know if we’ve ever heard a roar from the crowd that big on a morning news show. The crowd inside the studio was absolutely blown away by the power and control Kelly possesses. Enough hyping her up, get chills for yourself:


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