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V. Bozeman Releases Official Video for ‘Empire’ Song: ‘What Is Love’ (prod. by Timbaland)

Some of us have known about this beautiful soul for a couple years now through her work with Cee-Lo Green & Timothy Bloom. But most were introduced to V. Bozeman in the opening scene of the smash hit FOX show ‘Empire.’ The opening scene sees V (who’s playing herself in a recurring role on the show) in the studio recording “What Is Love”, which label boss Lucius Lyon (played by Terrance Howard) looks on unimpressed. He thens tells her to channel the pain she felt when lost her brother, and V’s vocals then blow away every viewer watching the show. An epic way to begin a new, critically acclaimed television series.

V. Bozeman, in real life, is now signed to Timbaland, and is gearing up to release a lot of original music in the coming months. Recently, she released a video for her ‘Empire’ song, “What Is Love.” Check out the video below:


If you have yet to watch FOX’s ‘Empire’, this is the opening scene of the series.

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