X Factor USA, Season 3: The Best of the Audition Rounds | VIDEO


Two weeks ago, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, and Paulina Rubio premiered the new season of X Factor USA on FOX. Simon and Demi returned as judges, while Kelly Rowland has replaced Britney Spears, and Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio has replaced L.A. Reid. For starters, here’s our $0.02 on the new judges.

– Kelly Rowland is BY FAR the best judge. Simon has watered down his harsh antics over the years, so his appeal isn’t as strong as it used to be. And Demi doesn’t seem like she’s fully grasped the “judge” role yet. But Kelly Rowland gets it, 100%. She’s fun, she’s sexy, she’s flirty with the guys, she’s sassy with the girls, she knows what to say and when to say it…it just works. Simon knew exactly what he was doing when he asked her to replace Britney. She’s going to be the star judge by November.

– Paulina Rubio insn’t adding anything to the panel, yet. Paulina is very Hispanic; the accent is thick. Sometimes she’ll say something hilarious in Spanish, but majority of the time, it’s the same re-hashed “Your life is about to change forever” spiel from her. It’s like Paula Abdul, but with less crazy. However; if you google Paulina, you’ll see she’s known to be slighty loco (in fact, last week she got into a fight with a paparazzi and sent him to the hospital, THEN took pics of him while he was on the stretcher), so who knows what will happen at the Live Shows.

So far, we’ve had 4 episodes of Auditions. And to be honest, we haven’t seen a breakout star yet. But, we have seen a lot of POTENTIAL. And maybe that’s what Simon is looking for this season: someone the judges can help make a star, instead of somehow who already exudes star quality (in hopes that once the live shows start, they don’t peak too early). Check out what we think have been the absolute best auditions thus far:








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