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Year End Recap: Best Live Performance of 2015

There is no performer alive greater than Beyoncé. And while that was debatable for a while, this performance pretty much solidified it as fact. The day after the 2015 Grammy Awards, The Grammy Committee put on a CBS special to honor and tribute the legendary Stevie Wonder. All of music’s greats from past and present were in attendance, and were all witness to the absolutely insane opening performance led by Beyonce.

Beyonce took the stage, seducing the crowd into a powerful performance of “Fingertips”. She teased them with a little sing-a-long action, before unleashing Sasha Fierce and some of her most rawest vocals ever. With the crowd already in the palm of her hands, she seamlessly transitioned into the reggae-tinged “Master Blaster”. For “Master Blaster”, she brought out the too-cool-for-school Ed Sheeran, who added a little bit of ease to the super intense environment around him. But Ed’s ease couldn’t stop the winding and grinding and belting of Queen Bey. Then, for “Higher Ground” Beyonce kicked things up to a level she’s seldom been to. She brought out her secret weapon, fellow Texas native Gary Clark Jr., who proceeded to shred on his electric guitar while Bey caught the Holy Ghost next to him. This entire 9-minute performance was mind-blowing, but “Higher Ground” was the moment everyone watching collectively lost their shit (watch for the audience pans).

Beyonce’s love for Stevie Wonder was so evident and overflowing. She completely lost herself in this moment.

It’s amazing how the crowd stood on there feet, clapped on (and off) beat, smiled, and allowed themselves to fully stan out. Stevie Wonder’s music brings people together, and there’s no greater evidence of that then this performance. And even though Stevie couldn’t see what was happening on the stage, he could sense the electricity in the room, and his heart was overflowing with gratitude for Beyonce at the end. Relive the classic moment below:


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